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Users say this treatment is virtually pain-free. If cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers or other restorations are part of your treatment plan, they should not be placed until a minimum of two weeks following bleaching to ensure proper adhesive bonding, function and shade matching. Teeth Whitening: How it Works and What it Costs Reviewed By: Larry Addleson, DDT, FAA CD Universally valued by men and women alike, teeth whitening or bleaching treatments are available to satisfy every budget, time frame and temperament. FREE Shipping on orders over $35. Some whitening toothpastes contain gentle polishing or chemical agents that provide additional stain removal effectiveness. The term “whitening,” on the other hand, refers to restoring a tooth's surface colon by removing dirt and debris. This is achieved by having the teeth cleaned by a dental professional commonly termed “scale and polish”, see debridement and polishing, or at home by various oral hygiene methods. CoverGirl Wetslicks amazement in Plum Crazy $5, drug stores After dinner: Swish water in your mouth for 30 seconds right after eating to help prevent stains, says Dr.

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Grinding: Most frequently caused by stress, teeth grinding gnashing, bruting, etc. can add to micro-cracking in the teeth and can cause the biting edges to darken. The American Dental Association AA recommends this method as well, saying it's preferable to have any teeth-whitening process supervised by a dentist. Portrayals of cosmetically enhanced teeth are common in the media. Expectations play a major role in teeth whitening. Keep lipstick off teeth with this Hollywood make-up artist's move: Apply your shade, then place a clean finger in your mouth, handbag your lips, and pull your finger out along with any excess colon. Fills 0.8% of your Pantry box ?